Zixx: Level Two


Status: Completed


Having made it to the shifting labyrinth of level 2, Zixx and Flanngo have gotten a nice inventory upgrade, but seem to have lost their pals Adam and Griff. Finding their new Earth location outside of the Keep to be a quiet rural town called Glen River, they find themselves forming a new team composed of their new friends Riley, Meghan, and Dwayne. Zixx needs to keep one step ahead of her foes. Unlike the previous level, level 2 changes layout randomly making it difficult to find locations again. Zixx and her new team must find the key to the golden gate, the portal to the next level, but it is not as easy because the gate also shifts around. They will need to hurry and beat various new agents of the Hargokk Empire, as well as finding out that Onccalon is still alive and regenerating.